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  • 1,000mAh battery to give your device up to 25% more battery life
  • Small/slim enough to fit in a pocket unnoticed or a keyfob
  • Built-in USB-C connection compatible with most Android smartphones
  • The Pebble Pokket is a micro-sized, ultra-slim emergency power bank small enough to fit in your pocket unnoticed. Or alternatively, attach the Pebble Pokket to your keyfob. The Pebble Pokket power bank will give your device up to 25% battery life (based on an average smartphone) and is perfect for any occasion where carrying a large bag is not convenient. Designed in the UK.

Pebble Pokket 1000mAh micro size keyring power bank

SKU: 01102023112
£42.95 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
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