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Cook and enjoy healthier meals for you and your family with the Salter Professional Dual-view Pro air fryer. An extra large 7.6 litre capacity across two cooking baskets ensures everyone can enjoy the taste of fried food while using less oil. Featuring viewing windows so you can see exactly when your food is ready without needing to open the drawers, this air fryer offers total convenience. With Sync and Match cooking functions, you can ensure different ingredients are ready at the same time.

  • Save 57% off energy bills using this dual air fryer when comparing the energy used to cook a chicken in a 1.8 kW electric oven.
  • This Salter Dual-view Pro features clear viewing windows so you can watch food as it cooks, ensuring perfectly done meals every time.
  • This dual air fryer offers an extra large 7.6 litre capacity, perfect for families, guests, or batch cooking healthy, low-oil meals.
  • Simple to use, this dual drawer fryer has 10 cooking functions, including Sync & Match, so different ingredients can be ready together.
  • For impressive results, this air fryer has 2 removable easy clean cooking trays, a stylish touch control display and a 60-minute timer.

Salter Dual-View Pro Air Fryer

SKU: 01102023070
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